Solution Circle

Photo Booths​

Photo Booths for your next event…

  • Instant Prints
  • Speech Notifications
  • Autonomous
  • Size – 650mm x 560mm x 1500mm.
  • Innovative
    humanoid robot that has multiple use cases including, but not limited
    to, weddings, parties, product launches, events and
    entertainment functions
  • Facial recognition
  • Share pictures on social media** or print in the room to our Print Station.
  • Large 23.8 inch touch screen
  • Customize the on screen options* with branded videos, company logos or altering greetings.
  • Smart map building
  • Infrared Sensors to achieve precise indoor navigation and obstacle avoidance

Mosaic Photo Wall

The Photo Mosaic Wall automatically prints photos as stickers.
Guests can engage in the interactive experience by placing their
photo stickers on the mosaic board.

The Mosaic will be generated from any a predefined
background, to create a beautiful mosaic of photos from the


  • DSLR Camera to take photos of events attendees.
  • Filter the image based on the provided background.
  • The filtered photo will be printed on 5cmx5cm sticker
  • The filtered photo will be printed on 5cmx5cm sticker